December 2, 2020

"Fast service even in the middle of the night. Thank you!"
July 28, 2020

"My car broke down while we were on vacation in Waupaca and I cannot thank Nelson's Sales & Service enough! Right away when I called they were friendly and patient with me at all times. Quickly checked my car to see what the problem was and it was ready to pick up by 4 PM that day! Can't recommend this place enough, service and staff were top notch!"
June 8, 2020

"Our axel broke on our boat trailer so we needed a flat bed to trailer the boat and boat trailer to the marina to have it fixed. Kim was so professional and took his time to make sure the boat was cared for like his own. Putting a boat and trailer on a flat bed without being able to have the trailer wheels work was no small task, but obviously this was not Kims first rodeo. Thank you Kim!! "
June 8, 2020

"Kim, thank you for your help! Nice flat bed work with my trailer. I will also come in for service. You did what you said and more, thanks again! "
October 9, 2018

"We hit a deer our insurance co was going to send 2 wreckers because we were hauling a trailer. We called Nelson’s ourselves they loaded our van and hauled the trailer and helped us offload at our cabin and called the Sheriff . I am completely pleased to leave this positive feedback because quite simply when your in a situation like that you are out of you element. This experience was incredible and I’m so happy to have such an easy means to say thank you!"